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Library Receives $10,000 Grant

Steelworker Statue Finds New Home At Library

Friday, August 01, 2014

   The Ohio Valley Steel Worker sculpture currently located on University Blvd and State Route 7 will have a new home at the library thanks to a $10,000 grant.


   The Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County was awarded monies by PNC Charitable Trust, JC Williams Trust.  The 7,500 pound life-size artwork will rest on the grounds across the street from the Main Library on South Fourth Street which overlooks the former Steubenville steel mill plant and administrative offices.


   Road construction on State Route 7 forced the Ohio Valley Steel Worker to find a new location.  “The statue is a natural addition, said Library Director Alan Hall.  It will sit next to the commemorative plaque.”  The plaque lists 19 names of men who  worked at the Steubenville plant of Wheeling Steel Corporation, enlisted for WWII and lost their lives.


   Hall said the statue has to be moved by the end of October.  “The public will be able to view it up close now,” said Hall.  He added that the library is proud to be the new owner.  “The steel mill was an important  place to so many people.  If we don’t preserve it now we may be sorry that we didn’t.”