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Director's Column

PLSJC Director Alan Hall writes a weekly column discussing library and community news, history, and other interesting subjects.

Summer Reading Club @ the Library

By Alan Hall, Director, PLSJ
Publish Date - Sunday, June 24, 2012

In  my years as a librarian, I have been told countless stories of people’s memories of using the library from an early age.


Many of those tales relate to Summer Reading Club, and the books that kids read over the summer months at their library.


My own recollections include climbing the steps of the Carnegie Library and signing up for the Reading Club, because my mother felt that I “had to keep my mind active” during the summer between school sessions.


She was correct, it is essential for young people to continue their reading skills over the summer months.


Reading skills any time of the year are essential for life.


While my recollections are from the standard book format, today’s reader will likely include ebook formats not even dreamed in my childhood.


Whatever format you read, the experience will be an important part of your learning experience in life, because as I always point out: you can’t use a computer if you can’t read.


This year, our Summer Reading at the Library runs throughout the months of June and July at all of our library locations.


It is a bedtime theme and is open to all ages.


DREAM BIG – READ is the slogan for the youngsters, Preschool through the 6th Grade.


Children will explore the night-time world through stories, songs, games and other activities about dreams and wishes.


There will be drawings, story hours and special programs like the Puppet Show that will be visiting our libraries this upcoming week.


Each child who completes the Reading Log will be a Star Reader and win an award.  Even the youngest children can complete the Log with some assistance.

OWN THE NIGHT is the slogan for teens.  There are contests and programs offered with game nights and karaoke at the Schiappa Branch, with a Kindle e-Reader as the grand prize.


BETWEEN THE COVERS is the slogan for adults.  Drawings and contests are featured during the two-month event, with the grand prize being a Kindle Touch e-Reader.


Special programs are offered at our various locations, including our Traveling Cooking Club and a Genealogy Program called, “Climbing your Family Tree.”


Call your local library for information, or visit the library web site for a schedule of events at each library location.


Since my family didn’t have the opportunity to travel, my summer reading always included books about far-away places, and adventures of travelers.


Today, I supplement my reading habit in that area with Internet searches about those far-away places.  Wonderful photos and web sites can bring those places right into your own home.


The fascination of traveling through books still remains with me.  I am still a book browser in a library collection, while others browse with our new eLibrary or in our eBook database.


I am always “looking up” something to learn more about something that I read, see on TV or read in the newspaper, or hear about from someone else.


It’s an irritating habit of librarians; we tend to know a little bit about everything, but a whole lot about nothing.


Let the Library help you with your summer reading habit, and this may be a good time to re-visit the library to renew those memories of childhood.