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Director's Column

PLSJC Director Alan Hall writes a weekly column discussing library and community news, history, and other interesting subjects.

The Director on Facebook

By Alan Hall, Director, PLSJ
Publish Date - Sunday, April 11, 2010

I have completed my third training session on how to use Facebook, the “social networking” web site.


This class was how to download photos to your Facebook page.


Now, before you all want to join the class, be aware that I use a private consultant – namely our son who is a computer engineering major at the Ohio State University.


He was astonished that I did not have my own page on Facebook, so he started the process with me last year.


I set up my page, and nothing happened, probably because I refused to add much information about me.


My generation doesn’t provide background about ourselves.


He convinced me that I have to say something, as that is the way Facebook begins matching you against other people with similar interests.


I added “Marietta High School, Class of 1972” and my Facebook lit up with some of the 381 graduates from that year.


While it was interesting to see those faces with some 40 years of age on them, the neverending discussion of the weather and mundane events of grocery shopping wasn’t enough to keep my interest.


My second training session involved refining my skills with “selecting friends,” and writing on someone’s “wall,” and making comments about a posting done on my wall.


I commented that my wife and I took a 7,000 mile train trip our West, which seemed better than talking about the weather or my preference for brands of margarine.


Well, that brought the comment from a high school classmate, “Pictures, man, where’s your pictures of that train trip?”


Another asked if I had ever become a librarian like I talked about in high school.  Hmm, perhaps I should put some description of my background.


Anyway, the third training session by my consultant involved how to get photos from my computer onto Facebook.


I retired my trusty 35 mm camera last fall, and now have one of those cameras that require no skill to use, and download the photos into the computer.


I have even mastered the ability to clean up all the photos, fix the color and image, and delete the really bad shots.


Now, I can open an album, fill it with selected photos, download or upload to Facebook, and present it to my friends for their enjoyment.


My consultant felt that my descriptions of the photos were a “bit overboard,” and perhaps the year of construction, name of the architect, and street address of Chicago Union Station was too much information.


Comments abounded from Facebook, including “Wow, Gee, Great, Go Man, and What a Trip!”


I have now realized that I failed to join the library’s Facebook page, which can be found on the library’s web page.


Kind of embarrassing that the Director of the library isn’t on the page, yet.


“Social networking” is such an unusual concept to the “over 50” crowd, but it is rapidly becoming standard communication for our society.


Guess I better move on to the fourth lesson.